buick-encore-2013During the Detroit Motor Show, Buick clearly announced that it will be entering the luxury crossover segment as it unwrapped the Buick Encore. This is the latest attempt of the brand to attract younger buyers . The word younger and Buick really has not mixed for ages but the sticker price of its latest release might have a chance to change the situation.

The small crossover, taking design cues from the bigger cousin Enclave, can actually be positioned between the likes of the Kia Soul and the Honda Fit, and other crossovers like the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Ford Escape.

The Buick Encore will be rolling out to showrooms next year with a tag price of $24,950 . It will run on a four-cylinder engine that can output 138 horses. The power of the engine is transferred to the front wheels by a six-speed automatic gearbox. There is an option for an all wheel drive but you need to add $1,500.

The entry-level Buick Enclave will also have 18-inch rims, Active Noise Cancellation from Bose, rearview camera, IntelliLink connectivity, and an entertainment system with seven-inch display.

Consumers can add separate climate control options for front and rear cabin , remote start, fog lights, and automatically dimming rear glass that should bring the cost up to $25,760.

There is also the Leather Group package that will add leather upholstery, heated seats in front, power passenger seats, heated steering wheel, and memory functions for the driver seat to the Convenience setup. You can have all these for $27,460.

The Premium Group combines the features of the Convenience and the Leather Group but adds park assist, collision alert, warning for lane departure, a sound system from Bose, wiper with rain sensing function, and additional cargo room.

Buyers can also get a standalone navigation option for $795. There are also options to add a sunroof ($800) and 18-inch chrome rims ($995).


2012-buick verano reviewThe Buick brand built the compact Verano to attract the younger generation sement of its affluent consumers. This is a good step as the brand has been know as the ride for the elderly.


The 2012 Verano is classified as a sedan that can accommodate five individuals. It has a starting tag price of $22,585. It depends on a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that can output 180 horses and produce a torque of 171 pound-feet. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, and with this tandem the car can go from a stand still to 60 miles per hour in a matter of 8.2sec. The top speed is pegged at 118 mph. The fuel mileage is reported to be 21 mpg during city driving and 32 mpg when cruising the highway.


The Buick Verano has the panels that makes it similar to the looks of the Opel Astra that is marketed in Europe. It has a the following dimensions: wheelbase (105.7 inches), length (183.9 inches), width (71.4 inches), and height (58.4 inches). These numbers clearly show that it is slightly bigger than the Cruze where it was based.

There is nothing special about the exterior styling of the Verano. It has a very elegant posture with a good dose of Chrome as always. It rolls on 18-inch rims.


There is nothing impressive about the interior of the Verano. The Buick made sure though that the occupants will have a comfortable ride. The car also features QuietTuning technology that is meant to eliminate vibrations and block the sound from the outside.


Performance is where the 2012 Verano stands out. It has a very smooth and solid ride. It has a very good attitude on the road and easily zips thru traffic with the power of its Ecotec four-cylinder engine. Overall, the new Verano is a good choice for those looking for a luxury sedan.


2012 Buick RegalBuick has been struggling for the longest time with no monthly sales gains and in an effort to change its standing, it is set to offer lease deals of 24 months hoping to get a chunk of the leasing deals of other luxury car brands.

The program called Experience Buick was officially launched last week and includes no charge scheduled maintenance, OnStar, and Sirius XM radio during the term of the lease. Usually, the buyers get free subscription to satellite radio for 3 months and OnStar for 6 months.

The lease is being offered by Buick, owned by General Motors, thru Ally Financial. The management believes that the program plus the host of freebies will entice buyers in the luxury segment who will not even consider Buick.

The sales of Buick went up after the bankruptcy of GM with a jump of 52% back in 2010 and 14% or 177,663 units in 2011. But the brand experienced a drop of 17% in February, continuation of the decline in the last five months.

Cadillac Is another brand in the United States which has not posted a gain since September of last year.

Buick is also hoping that the compact Verano and the compact crossover Encore will be able to help pull up the numbers.

According to a Buick executive, lease made up around 24% of their sales in 2011 which is up from previous years but other brands enjoyed a lease penetration of more than 50%. The lease program aims to allow a buyer to experience the brand with all the GM wares that comes with it.


2012detroit-2013buickencoreWe have seen the teaser of a Buick compact crossover as early as 2009 which is basically a rebadged edition of the Saturn Vue (which by the way is obsolete now). The only significant design difference is the waterfall grille of the new crossover , and that issue caused bad press and so the production was canceled.

Buick however did not give up and said May last year that they will still pursue the production of the compact crossover.

Just the other day, at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Buick finally pulled the covers of the 2013 Buick Encore which is set to roll out for consumption by next year. The Buick Encore reflects the co-design practice with the Opel division which will release a twin version that might be called the Opel Mokka before the end of 2012.

It seems the design team did a bit of revision and did a pretty decent job as the vents just under the headlamps are not looking as awkward as the earlier teaser versions. The waterfall grille is there with the headlights on the side that makes use of blue rings similar to that of the Enclave. The compact crossover will roll on five spoke alloy rims or an option of seven-spoke chrome rims.

The interior tries to go premium with premium dashboard materials, LCD display-cum-navigation system, and the IntelliLink voice controlled system which comes as standard.

The 2013 Buick Encore will depend on the 1.4L turbocharged powerplant that can give out 148 horsepower with a torque of 140 lb-ft. The engine is coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The company has not revealed the figures for fuel economy. All-wheel drive will be an option.

Buick aims to send the Encore against competitors like the BMW X1 and the Q3 from Audi. We are also awaiting the official pricing for this Buick compact crossover.


Buick announced that their team of engineers spent around 1,000 hours to make sure that the seats of the 2012 Verano are comfortable eliminating hot spots that may occur during long drives. They also made sure that the headrest does not interfere with hair-dos of the occupants.

Buck invested on the interior craftsmanship and comfort for their seats making sure that the Verano can meet head on the competition like the Lexus IS and the Acura TSX. The primary assignment of the designers of the 2012 Buick Verano is to make the ride comfortable and feel that when going to a holiday, the vacation starts as soon as they step into their 2012 Verano. Quite a fitting goal and concept as Verano literally translates as “summer” in Spanish.

The seats of the Verano make use of premium support foam, leather, and padding. The materials are similar to the ones used for the seats of the Buick LaCrosse but the Verano’s seat bolster are made to provide greater side support to provide the most comfortable experience while cruising to your next destination.

Another great feature of the Verano interior is how they made use of noise reduction technologies to make the cabin as quiet as possible.

It is nice to hear that the Trishield brand is exerting all efforts to make their rides comfortable and be at par or better with luxury counterparts like the Acura and Lexus and this just shows that they are serious to move up to a higher segment of the market.

The Verano will be marketed in three trims with the top one with a suggested sticker price of $26,850. All variants of the Verano will be dependent on the 4-cylinder Ecotec engine which gives out 180 horsepower and a torque of 171 lb-ft. This powerplant will be coupled with a six speed automatic gearbox. The Verano can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just around 8 seconds. Fuel mileage is expected to be pegged at 31 miles per gallon on the highway.


For the longest time now, the automotive community has regarded the Buick models as a “sensible luxury” vehicle like its competitors Acura and Lexus. Meaning, Buick isn’t really in line with performance luxury vehicles like the BMW and Audi whose direct competitor from the General Motors line is the Cadillac. Whenever the name Buick comes up in conversations or when you talk to Buick experts, you’d get the idea that Buick isn’t in par with Mercedes-Benz.

Anyway, like most brands, the automotive community still wonders what the world can expect from the brand in the years to come.

There have been reports that American car company General Motors is gearing up to unveil a redesigned version of the Opel Astra as a three-door Buick Astra model to US consumers. However, we still have no reports about the specifications and engine details.

The Buick Astra model is not the only model that’s been getting the limelight. There’s also the production of the so-called Baby Enclave which is a five-seater compact crossover model which is expected to roll out in the 2013 product line. The Baby Enclave will be built on the brand’s Gamma subcompact platform. This model has also been called the Encore.

Lastly, GM is also producing the Buick Enclave crossover which has been improved with massive upgrades for its interiors one of which is the brand’s IntelliLink infortainment feature. As for the revamped Enclave, it might roll out as part of the 2016 lineup some time in 2015.


About a year from its official release in the United States, the 2012 Verano by Buick still tickles the curiosity of the dealers and consumers through a recent online survey initiated by the car manufacturer. The results of the survey give us an idea of how the Verano will be tagged which range between $21,000 and $26,000 depending on the availed trim level and the options.

According to General Motors, the final pricing for the Verano is not yet set. The survey though is looking into the price of four trims:

There will be a base version that might be priced between $20,900 and $21500. This Buick Verano will run on 2.4L 4-cylinder engine linked with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The Verano will also have 2 midlevel variants that will have tags at $22,100 to $22,700 and $23,300 to $23,900.

The top of the line version of the 2012 Verano will come with heated seats, 18 inch rims, leather upholstery, Bose audio, park assist, and remote start will set you back from $25,600 to $26,200.

The Buick Verano identity was confirmed around October by General Motors and hinted that the production of the car will start by fall next year at their Orion Township factory in Detroit.

The car manufacturer has earlier rolled out the Verano as the Buick Excelle GT in China. Both vehicles are using the Delta II global platform for compact cars of GM.


China is still using an old system where car manufacturers need to file patents or take the risk of having their vehicles to be copied. News about the Chevrolet Volt coming into China next year with a Buick badge and not a Chrysler bowtie or an Opel is going around.

It just happens that General Motors filed a patent but submitted the one for Opel Amptera that is Voltec powered instead of the Chevy Volt’s. The Volt will also not be branded as Opel since it is not a well-known brand in China leaving Buick, the best brand of GM in China, as the wisest choice.

It makes perfect sense that the Ampera will be sold in China with a Buick badge since it has been the practice of the company to re-brand the Opel cars as Buicks when they reach the country.

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The Saturn brand was offloaded by General Motors but its popular units like the mid-size sedan Aura will be getting a replacement rolling off the shores of the U.S. These cars will be arriving in North America donning a Buick Badge.

2010 Buick RegalThe Opel Insignia was tapped to replace the Saturn Aura but due to the sale of the brand, GM decision makers opted to sell the car as the 2011 Buick Regal. The Buick Regal is set to hit the market by the 2nd quarter of 2010.

The 2011 Buick Regal is expected to give other sport sedan in its segment a tough competition. The Regal derives its power from the turbocharged engine, European chassis set up, and selectable suspension system.

The Aura replacement will meet head on with models like the Volvo S60 and the Acura TSX. The new 2011 Regal will have more space and legroom compared to these cars. It has a longer wheelbase, bigger trunk capacity, six speed transmission, and 18-inch rims.

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General Motors is still fixing its own backyard after a financial mess and eventually bankruptcy. 2010 Buick RegalGM is looking for a replacement model for its midsize sedan, the Saturn Aura, which should have been the Opel Insignia. With the sale of the brand, GM will be selling the new car as the Buick Regal by late 2010 or early part of 2011 in North America.

Before the sale of the Buick Regal in North America, the Opel Insignia has been rolling off the dealerships in China. According to GM insiders, the Regal will be marketed below the 2010 LaCrosse and will have a few thousand dollars off its sticker price. The LaCrosse has a tag starting at $27,835.

The LaCrosse and the Regal though is built on the same DNA of the Epsilon II FWD. They also share basic lines and curves for the body structure. This could give a good indication of what this model will afford you in terms of car breakdown cover and insurance costs.The LaCrosse has several features that you cannot find on the Regal. The former comes with acoustic glass, hood built with perimeter seal, and absorption material under the chassis.

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